51v5DK08tjL Doom

The adventure begins when a call for help from a research station on Mars sends a team of mercenary Marines, led by The Rock, into action in this unrated, extended version of the film.

It’s on Netflix now!

This was made back when The Rock was trying his hand at being the heel in movies and hadn’t gone all in on shaving his head. I’m happy he’s bald now, looks much better.

I had forgotten that Karl Urban was in this film and since I love Dredd so much, I was happy to see him here as the guy that shoots stuff. That’s my favorite role for him!

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    Ugh. They turned this movie into Resident Evil In Space. No hellspawn, just yet another science experiment gone wrong. Yet another video game movie where the director thought that changing a fundamental part of the premise would make for a better movie. Too many people think that changing things just for the sake of changing them is a good thing.