Damage Control 1989 I

1 Damage Control (1989 I) 2 Damage Control (1989 I) 3 Damage Control (1989 I) 4 Damage Control (1989 I)

Who does the world call on in the wake of super hero disasters? Meet the Clean-Up Op that handles the messes no one else wants to touch! Where there’s property damage…there’s Damage Control! Creator Dwayne McDuffie introduces you to the cast of characters responsible for keeping the Marvel Universe clean. It all starts here!

My recent adventure at Megacon 2018 netted a few “new to me” comic books, the first mini series for Damage Control was the first purchase. It’s written by Dwayne McDuffie, which was a surprise to me, I didn’t know he was doing work this far back in 1989, though I guess it makes sense, he would have been in his late 20’s then. As always with McDuffie, the stories are fun to read and of the four issues, two of them are related to bigger things going on in the Marvel Universe, so while there’s meta story through the four issues, they’re all still a blast.

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