Iron Man drinking coffee

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    More like CGIron Man. All the hair is creepy.


    It’s a 1/6, G.I.Joe-like, figure manufactured by HoyToys in Japan. They are relatively expensive.

    tiki god

    “relatively” as in relative to the cost of a car? some of their statues are thousands of dollars, which always blows my mind with how quickly they sell out.


    Relatively to many other companies that produce 1/6 posable figures.
    I agree, aside from the “Hulkbuster” that I had three years to pay for; HotToys have priced themselves far beyond my means.
    Strangely/sadly, I have not even opened up the box to look at it out of concern of destroying the “Unopened” premium on the resale price. What I can see; is that the box is big!