Saturday Is Draft Day!

Minor change in the way scheduled / drafts work around here.


I recently wrote some code that’s enabled me to better leverage all these sites I own with MCS being the nexus of them all, while at the same time decreased the number of cross posted posts that show up on MCS, so that the “brand” wouldn’t be diluted by the BS that’s coming in from other sites.


The increase in incoming posts and decrease of posting means that there’s a 60 post backlog that I don’t have the heart to just dump all over your face all at once, so now once a day, there’s going to be one crosspost, then Saturday the entire backlog will be dumped throughout the day.  Traditionally Saturday has been the lowest traffic day, so hopefully this will 1 – increase traffic? and 2 – not bother people too much.


Anyone got big plans for the weekend?

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