Netflix axes Michelle Wolf and Joel McHale talk shows

dims 500x263 Netflix axes Michelle Wolf and Joel McHale talk shows

They unfortunately won’t be returning for a second season.

Neither show interested me, Wolf was shock for shock’s value and she wasn’t even good at it. McHale was just talk soup but on Netflix, I didn’t really care for it back when it was on cable TV, and I didn’t care for it on Netflix.

The problem isn’t with the content though, I know that there’s an audience for both types of shows and both types of humor work pretty well. The problem is Netflix’s interface is complete trash for shows that have new content coming out on a regular basis. There’s no episode queue to show you unwatched episodes. It’s barely usable for shows like Voltron or even the Marvel comic series, which I honestly don’t know that i’d be able to keep up with if they weren’t marketing the shit out of them before the new seasons air.

It’s hard to binge a series if you don’t even know it’s on.

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