Death Squared game review

91iPoRMYXbL 1024x896 Death Squared

  • 80x puzzling levels in the Story levels

  • 40x 4 Player Party levels

  • 30x Vault Levels (too hard for the main game)

  • Full voice acting by Rice Pirate

  • a micro-journey of: surprise > discovery > mastery > success

This was a fun video game that I sorta really enjoyed to hate while really enjoying it. The puzzles were just annoying enough that I was getting frustrated with them, but easy enough that if I just stopped playing for a couple minutes and came back to it, I could figure it out. My worst one by far too me about 20 minutes because I could not for the life of me figure out what was triggering an explosion.

Haven’t tried the party games out, still trying to convince my wife, may report back if that ever happens.

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