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What a loaf of bullshit.


A lot of old people hang on out of sheer hate. Hate seems to be the hallmark of the conservative mindset.

And when you have a government hellbent on making this as tough as possible for the poor (including voting), this hypothesis becomes believable.

Innocent Bystander

I see some projections and false statements in your arguments that I will counter with the most hateful comments and actions that I have seen are by those that preach liberalism, progressiveness and socialism. Go take a look at YouTube and listen to the #Walkaway confessions and how so many are being turned off by the violence and projections of the Left. It’s amazing (not really) to hear how many of them abandoned identity politics and were found to be welcome in conservative groups, and the shock of finding who is actually the all accepting. Don’t believe me, go watch… Read more »


You seem to be ignoring the Moderates.

tiki god

one small issue, the #walkway hashtag is a made up thing from the alt-right.

As per your “did you hear about CA”, i’m 99% sure that’s made up bullshit. Also about the voting thing, there’s no record of any such events happening out there or really any where in the US.