Disney’s Reaction to Toxic Fans

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    It was the male Star Wars fans constant shitting on The Force Awakens that caused IMDB to shut down their comment boards.

    tiki god

    is there more to read about that? it’s the first I’m hearing of that…didn’t they shut those down like 10 years after TPM?


    It may not have been them alone, but you litterally could not go on any of the boards for sci-fi or fantasy movies without being attacked by MRA’s bitching about Disney’s pussification of Star Wars. Oh…and the blacks too…
    They went on every thread and were complete assholes about it.
    It wasn’t just Star Wars, but that was the big one.

    Pretty sure Amazon shut it down because they didn’t want to be liable for all the hate speech flying around…


    The most telling part is frame no. 6. We’re supposed to equate a billionaire hack making bank and selling the franchise with actors who have had their lives ruined by toxic fandom.


    One of these things is not like the others….

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