Let’s just put this to bed


So if you trot out that line about the KKK being Democrats, completely ignoring the Southern Strategy, we know your highest level of education…

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    tiki god

    lmao, gallery

    Innocent Bystander

    Ah, the Big Lie has been brought up again. The fact that the Republican Party didn’t make headway in the South can be shown by looking at the elected Democrat officials who where in office in the 60’s and when they were replaced by Republicans. I was listing all of them but it’s much easier to just look up the politicians who were involved in the Filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and how many just kept getting reelected after the 60’s (Hint, they are mostly Southern politicians). The Left still involved in the practices of soft racism to this day. www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrBxZGWCdgs


    oooh….a Fox News link.

    You do know thatFox isn’t even listed as a news agency…they call themselves entertainment.
    Do you get all your political ideas from “entertainers”…?

    tiki god

    you’re rambling a bit, care to condense it down to something a 6th grader could understand?

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