out with the old in with the new

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    In about 10-15 years, the one on the left will be worth way more than the “one” on the right.
    And probably still working.


    Why did one have quotes and the other “one” didn’t?


    Because that just an empty box.


    Also, the notion that object’s monetary worth, is only determined by it’s, hmmm, usefulnesses is quite “quaint’.


    BTW good luck finding something that can generate a signal for that dinosaur today, let alone in 15 years.


    Oh yes, because 480i 4:3 is just great.

    More likely you throw in a curved 4k screen and pay some hipster carpenter to make a mahogany retro box to sit it in. Then throw in some raspberry pi to emulate 480i with your Atari VCS.


    Interesting aside here…
    Where Cuba was getting to the upper limits of its ability to generate electricity, it did a cost analysis of adding extra generation vs. lowering demand.
    They figured out it would be way cheaper for the government to pay to replace every aging television and refidgerator in the country with newer, more energy efficient models, than to build more power generation.
    So they did…bought everyone a new TV and fridge…saved millions and put off having to increase generation for at least a decade.
    Fucking communists, huh…?

    tiki god

    god dammit, when will we learn from them


    Pssst… hey, burglars… guess what this house just bought?

    (NEVER throw out a new TV box without first rendering it unrecognizable!)