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    This might be the wrong place, but up to recently i really enjoyed this site.
    But now due to commercial redirects and sound overlays i can´t really get to the content it is very annoying. At least from Germany.
    Commercials are ok, and i understand they are needed, but this is too much and kills the fun. Plus my av gives me warnings…

    tiki god

    this is definitely the wrong place, but I can help. are you seeing this on all pages or specific ones?


    Hi thanks for your answer.
    It was on the main page, not sure about a post page.
    But it seems to have stopped for now.


    Now it is on the nsfw page.
    AV phishing warning: updatersss-now.info
    Redirects every time. =(


    I am new user
    kerala tour packages for couple


    I’ve been getting AV warning every time I open a post, but it seems to stop.


    Ok Tiki, done!

    tiki god

    yay, look at you with your new fancy badge.


    This is fantastic, I should have done this long ago!
    More M[c]S options, more M[c]S content, I’m more popular than ever, my whites are whiter and colors are brighter!
    I owe it all to M[c]S+ and the Tiki-god.


    I love how every time I come here, I see this long-ass conversation before I get to any new content.

    tiki god

    how are you viewing the content? on my screen it’s just off to the left of all the new posts. on my phone it’s a fucking shit show. in my rss feed its’ fantastic.


    I’m viewing the content at 3440×1440 in Chrome and the ‘conversation’, with the two plus feet of pay-me-or-else-viruses extortion content, takes up half the page. Oh, there’s UID# 194390 posting links to vacation scams. Does that go away with MCS+ too?

    tiki god

    I had deleted one of the accounts doing that, must have missed another, whoops.

    Your edgy comment has convinced me to unsticky this post though, so thanks for being so edgy.

    tiki god

    but you should have three columns, two of content and one of the sidebar?


    Yeah it’s great, we should use this as a general chat channel so we have to scroll for days to see anything.

    tiki god

    There’s something to that, maybe we can have a general chat post once a week or something. Maybe once a month? I dunno.

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