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How the hell do you get to be a federal judge without having the faintest clue how the first amendment should be applied?


This might be because he is the President of the United States and a representative of all it’s citizens, not just the ones he chooses. It was the point of view of this federal court judge that by his blocking of users it was infringing on the first amendment rights of the citizens of this country thus blocking criticism of a him who is in fact a public servant . Sometimes people in public office have to hear the grievances of their constituents. It’s not always pleasant, but it is YOUR first amendment right to do so. The minute he… Read more »

tiki god

well said!


That’s ridiculous, people don’t have the right to speak wherever they please, what happens on Twitter is up to the people running Twitter, and being able to block people is part of THEIR terms. His status as president is irrelevant, you don’t have the right to have him listen to you on Twitter, on the toilet, on Air Force One. I’d love to be able to voice my opinion on what a douche Trump is on a giant billboard on the Whitehouse lawn, but I can’t, and that’s not my rights being trampled. The first amendment is only about the… Read more »


Clearly a federal court judge, whom is well versed in constitutional law, disagrees with your opinion. If this decision doesn’t hold up under the constitution and Trumps org presses the issue it will be overturned. Plain and simple. Thank god for checks and balances. He does in fact have two accounts. One is his personal account he has had for years and the other is the official @POTUS account. Both accounts signatures make reference to being the President of the United States. The @POTUS account is not his personal account. It is the account of the office of the President… Read more »


The rather more interesting question, I think, is “How does one get to be President of the United States without understanding how the First Amendment works?”

The answer, of course, is with Mr. Putin’s help. And the help of the Kingdom of Sa’ud. And Qatar.

So, you know, MAGA, or whatever.