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“The article also says that The Expanse’s ratings are below those of other Syfy shows like The Magicians and Krypton.”

Never even heard of these other shows.

SyFy is run by desperately stupid people.

tiki god

I do absolutely love The Magicians. Krypton is in it’s first season and it’s about Superman’s family, so no fucking duh it’s going to do well.


What a shame.
One of the best sci fi shows on TV in decades…


Syfy sold out its core audience in the desperate hope of gaining a larger TOTALLY NEW audience the moment they changed their name to “Syfy.” Once shows that weren’t science fiction showed up on the network, it was over. They might as well run old episodes of Cops like G4 ended up doing because they couldn’t keep producing enough core programming to justify keeping the lights on.

tiki god