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Another one of Bernie’s completely ineffectual strongly worded statements. This will never see the light of day with the GOP controlling the House and Senate.
Of course if Bernie hadn’t run his chosen far Left candidates in 2016 the Democrats would have had control of the Senate now… Sanders is the gift to the GOP that keeps on giving.


A sane person would look at the election and wonder what the Dems should have done differently, or how they could position the party differently to actually appeal to voters. But hey, no way in hell could it be the fault of the party machine or its agenda. No sirree. Just because a bunch of voters voted for “burn the motherfucker to the ground” over “business as usual” doesn’t mean that business as usual is in any ways a bad thing. Nope. It just means our branding was off.

By the by, how’s that centrism working for you so far, sport?