Wing Commander review

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It’s Starship Troopers meets Top Gun in this no-holds-barred battle on the far reaches of space. A vicious alien race, the Kilrathi, has discovered the coordinates to Earth and is heading there with plans for total destruction. Now it’s up to two young hotshot fighter pilots (Prinze and Lillard) to blast their way through the Kilrathi’s defenses and save humanity from this new breed of enemy.

Still one of the best space fighter movies I’ve ever seen, I love the back story and the universe that everything takes place in. I own the first few games but it’s difficult to get into them as they’re so old at this point.

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    Is there a way to give negative stars? This movie is a huge steaming pile of crap.


    $30 Million Dollar Budget.
    $11,578,059 Domestic Total Gross. Box Office Mojo
    24% Audience Score.
    10% Critic’s Score. Rotten Tomatoes.

    When I saw this movie in 1999 it made me hate every actor in it. Not until Battlefield Earth a year later will I watch a worse movie.


    You know what? You enjoy this movie. There are plenty of movies I like that others hate too. You watch what you like and haters be dammed.


    This movie is why Freddie Prinze, Jr went into hiding.

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