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Responsible gun owner, my ass.


Really? if someone that get into your house without announcing and you have no schedule of. And you are a single female in your own bedroom. You will have to open your bedroom door and interview your intruder first before you shoot through your bedroom door? She didn’t do anything wrong. It’s unfortunate but she shouldn’t be responsible for this idiot’s med bills. If there is anyone in my daughter’s house that she did not invite into her front door, she would be shooting first and asking questing later. Ever wonder why even police need to announce they have a… Read more »

tiki god

got into the house using the key that you left out for them though.

not only do I think she should be responsible for the bills, I think she should serve prison time for shooting a gun off like that irresponsibly.

to repeat though, she invited him over and left a key out for him. why was she even still in the house if it had a lock box on it.