NRA host taunts Parkland teens: “No one would know your names” if classmates were still alive

Colion Noir has said the Parkland teens are pawns of a larger effort to destroy Second Amendment rights.



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    Did anyone actually listen the whole thing what Colion Noir said? I guess not. He meant no one would know these teens name if the gun man was stopped by good guy with guns like Blaine Gaskill. Don’t know who Blaine Gaskill is? yeh, that’s exactly Noir’s point.

    tiki god

    the whole point is that these kids don’t WANT people to know their names, but that there were no good guys with guns that could have ever possibly stopped the shooter from doing what he did.


    Oh! Oh! Oh! (raises hand) I know who he is!! He’s the guy that shot and killed some poor fucked up kid who had shot some other kids, a kid who may well have turned to less destructive ways to address his issues in the absence of such ready access to firearms. And now good ole’ Blaine gets to be traumatized by having been forced to kill another human being in a country with an incredibly dangerous and stupid lack of gun control. But hey, at least a bunch of mouth breathing gun fondlers will lionize him like the second fucking coming. GAWD BLESS ‘MUHRICA!


    I really wish I could give comments five stars here.

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