The Mummy review

81iuTQZz6WL. SL1500 804x1024 The Mummy

Deep in the Egyptian desert, a handful of people searching for a long-lost treasure have just unearthed a 3,000 year old legacy of terror.

Two reviews here, one for the movie (which is excellent and still holds up very well) and one for the Universal Home Media Entertainment digital redemption system.

The movie first: Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz are absolute perfection in this loose remake of the original Mummy film from 1932, with modern
/ late 90’s CGI and a great story and acting that I really can’t find many flaws in, other than some of the unfortunate computer aided special effects looking obvious next to the fantastic practical effects. I <3 Brendan Fraser!

That being said, the redemption of the code for this movie was a bit of a nightmare to figure out. You get a slip that has the code, which tells you to go to to redeem your code. Plug in your code, it’ll find your movie (4k/HD/SD included per this screen), then you hit a snag on the “next” screen where it asks you to select a retailer or select a digital redemption source, Flixter and iTunes respectively are the only choices on this screen. Selecting flixter sends you to a page that tells you that Flixter is no more, RIP and maybe you can try your luck at VUDU, which of course the code doesn’t work at all on their site. Backing up to the beginning of the process if you were to select itunes, it’ll redeem the code just fine, but then you find out that your 4k code is only redeeming as HD, so you’re forced to watch the fuzzy and nearly unwatchable HD stream instead of the 4k stream. Sarcasm aside, I reached out to Apple support who I’m still playing ping pong with via email, I don’t think they even offer the movie as a 4k stream, so I’m frustrated that they were the only viable choice for redeeming the digital code.

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