Sumo 15th Anniversary

Sumo Lounge is hitting their 15th Anniversary (they’re been around longer than MCS!) and they’ve been incredibly kind to me over the years, sending bean bags, chairs, and even a novel inflatable beach chair thing that made me feel weird to sit in and even weirder to attempt to get out of. As part of their Anniversary celebration, a good bit of their stock is on sale and they offered to send me yet another Sumo Sultan, this would be the second one that they’ve sent in the last 10 years, the first is sitting at home in my home office.

I’ve taken this latest one in to my day job where I sit in a cubical all day long wishing I was a bird or even a lizard or something, anything that didn’t live in a pen for most of the daylight hours, and asked my fellow cubical zombies to give me their opinions on the new piece of furniture.

Edited to Add: I published this piece too quickly, here’s some comments from my cubical buddies:

“Don’t you have a job to do?”

“Yeah I sat in it during our planning meeting, I loved it!”

“Get away from my desk please.”

So there you have it, everyone loved the bean bag and everyone loves me too!

I took some pictures, here’s two of them:

That’s a 45 inch tv in the background and a normalish sized couch in front of it.  I simply cannot overstate how large the bean bag is!

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