Why can’t Marvel properly manage their comics

another snap from my phone, but please correctly me if I’m wrong, but isn’t March when the next season of Jessica Jones drops on netflix? Why can’t Marvel get their heads out of their asses and sync up the television / movies / comic books?

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    Someone who can’t rotate a picture is, in my opinion, not in a position to criticize.

    tiki god

    it’s something that’s broken on both windows10 and how wordpress displays images, if you click all the way through to the big image you’ll see it has the proper rotation tags on it.

    tiki god

    but I should have know that it was stupid and that I should just resave it with the pixels rotated and not just have the right rotate tags. you’re right, I’m a failure as a human being, but at least i’m not a multibillion dollar multinational corporation that doesn’t have two departments speak to each other.

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