North America prior to illegal immigration

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    2015 AD? Really?


    Apparently, it’s a “what if” thought experiment from an alternate history school project that some shitheads decided to pretend shows actual borders from the past. Stupid fuckers ruining a valid point with this crap.

    tiki god

    jesus titty fucking christ, what the fuck


    Cracks me up every time people fall for this.

    tiki god

    what the frick, why do you crack up


    Because when the existence of Objective Truth about pretty much anything is this close to extinction all that’s left to do is laugh. I’m just hoping the Left doesn’t drown itself in self-affirming bs before November.
    There’s a SLIM chance an actual Blue Wave could put this nightmare behind us if The Left/Democrats can resist the pull of false clickbait, baseless memes, and the Russian sponsored divisive influences that saddled us with President Snapchat in the first place.

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