HALO Smoke and Shadow review

51k15F JeOL HALO: Smoke and Shadow

Find. Claim. Profit. In a post-war galaxy littered with scrap, it’s the salvager’s motto. And with a fast ship and a lust for adventure, Rion Forge has certainly made her mark on the trade. When the discovery of a wrecked UNSC cruiser brings Rion’s past back to haunt her, stirring fresh hope into a decades-old wound, she’s hell-bent on finding answers: What really happened to her father and his ship, the Spirit of Fire? This digital-first enovella also contains the complete text of Kelly Gay’s short story “Into the Fire,” originally featured in the collection Halo: Fractures.

This may be the first HALO novel that I’ve read that had neither Spartans nor UNSC personnel in it. I’m not happy with this idea, but I am happy where their going with the story, just as long as it eventually ends up with this salvage crew ending up on the Forge planet kicking Brute ass with the crew of a certain lost UNSC cruiser. This was a short but fun read with no Spartans.

How do you make a HALO book with no Spartans?!

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