Level 89 Kris Maddigan Cuphead

5a1a433e24c8b 1024x576 Level 89: Kris Maddigan (Cuphead)The game Cuphead is stylized like a cartoon from the 1930s, and Kristofer Maddigan‘s score is influenced by and based on music from that era – like ragtime music, the big band scene, Dixieland and straight ahead jazz.

You’ll hear Kris talk about a man named Rob McConnell and a band called the Boss Brass. That band is a famous Canadian big band, and many of the players from that group recorded the music for Cuphead. I threw a track in there from the Boss Brass called “Greenhouse.”

Composed by Kris Maddigan unless noted
“Railroad Rhythm” by Cab Calloway (1934)
Treetop Trouble
A Quick Break
Don’t Deal With The Devil
Inwell Isle One (Piano)
Don’t Deal With The Devil (Instrumental)
Elder Kettle (Piano)
“Greenhouse” by Rob McConnell and the Boss Brass, ft. Phil Woods
The King’s Court
Threatenin’ Zeppelin
Legendary Ghost
Legendary Ghost
“Elite Syncopations” by Scott Joplin, arr. Gunther Schuller, perf. New England Ragtime Ensemble
Funfair Fever
Funhouse Frazzle
Inkwell Isle One (PIano)
Inkwell Isle Two (Piano)
Elder Kettle (Piano)
Inkwell Isle One (PIano)
Inkwell Isle Three (Piano)
Inkwell Hell
Inkwell Hell (Piano)
Pyramid Peril
Forest Follies
Pyramid Peril
Clip Joint Calamity
High Sea Hi-Jinks
One Hell Of A Time

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    God damn it, can we stop referencing Dark Souls when we talk about any game with an actual Game Over screen that you’ll see more than once? You little shits never played anything on the NES. That system had so little cartridge memory that games HAD to be hard or you’d beat them within half an hour and then you’d have spent $60 on half an hour of entertainment.

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