The Punisher Season One review

marvels punisher 1024x478 The Punisher: Season One

After the murder of his family, Marine veteran Frank Castle became a vigilante known as “The Punisher” with only one goal in mind – to avenge them. With his revenge now complete, Frank’s war-time past comes back to haunt him.

I decided to do something vastly different with this Netflix / Marvel Show, which was to treat it like a normal show that’s only on once or twice a week, and not binge the entire 13 episode run in a single weekend. I’m not sure if it’s from consuming it differently or if Jon Bernthal really is this good, but this is the first Netflix series in a while that I actually enjoyed everything about it. There were some story elements that I felt they hit a little too hard and a little too on the nose (mostly the PTSD stuff was over done in the series imho), but for the great majority of the series I was happy with each of the episodes.

A word of warning to Netflix (because yeah sure, they’re going to read this): you only get to go back to the “oh hey we found yet another mystery from your past that you need to go avenge” storyline once or twice before it gets really old. The Punisher cleaned house in his original appearances in Daredevil, then went back to some newly found stuff that came from his past, and it’s going to be pretty stale if they find yet another thing from his past that he needs to avenge. I’d be much happier with future storylines if The Punisher is used for his talents, abilities, and unwavering ability to focus than if they focus on his rage and brutality. A focused Punisher is more entertaining than an angry one, leave the angry stuff to the big green guy.

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    I’m looking forward to season 2. My hope is he goes after a mob family that has done something bad to a friend of his. This gives him the in without having to rehash his past.
    Then for season 3, the void opened up by his destroying that mob leader gets filled by Jigsaw (Billy Russo played by Ben Barnes). This story would deal with Jigsaw’s revenge on The Punisher.


    My review:

    Best line: Anytime Frank goes “WraAAAAAAH” and stabs/smashes someone.
    Biggest “huh?”: Homeland Security is a team of 2.
    Character who made me crank the volume like an old man: Dinah Madani. Geez lady, move your mouth when you talk.
    Underappreciated character: That bitching van needed more screen time.
    Newfound feelings: Wine-sipping MILFs