Level 83 Frederic HeathRenn and Quizzing

only connect Level 83: Frederic Heath Renn and Quizzing

We “discovered” Frederic Heath-Renn while watching a British quiz show we love called Only Connect. Frederic and his teammates first appear in episode 5 of season 10 (there are 12 full seasons with the 13th currently running).More on Frederic in just a moment, but it seems necessary to tell you more about Only Connect. The show has four rounds, and the first three focus on finding a connection between four things. Those things often seem random, and there are red herrings all over the place. General knowledge, but holy sh*t, it’s difficult.Frederic and his team did very well on the show. Since it was several years ago now, I don’t mind telling you they made the semifinals. His team was called the Gamesmasters, so we figured we’d reach out and see if he’s a gamer.

It turns out he really isn’t, although he gamed a lot when he was younger. We decided to have him on anyway, in large part for an excuse to introduce more people to Only Connect.

And also because he’s a music lover, so we invited him to do a 5 Songs segment. We’re choosing to include that for everyone to give you a sense for what that segment sounds like.

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