Nurse shares police video of ‘crazy’ arrest by SL officer I Deseret News

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    I wonder if this counts as entrapment. He is pressuring her to commit an illegal act that she wouldn’t otherwise do.


    What a dickhead.

    The hospital “privacy officer” is the guy reponsible for making sure the hospital follows the laws.

    This cop is out of countrol.


    She should have pressed charges against the Cop, all He had to do was obtain an easily gotten warrant. Simply saying that you’re sorry rarely teaches a bully the lesson that they need.

    Old Tofu

    what a lot of people are leaving out is the unconscious person he was trying to get her to draw blood from was an off duty Idaho cop


    I read that, but I’m not sure it how it would have effected the Payne’s behavior.
    Generally Cops tend to look out for each other…in this situation it sure looks like they were trying to pin some of the blame on the unconscious man because they screwed up in their pursuit.
    Which doesn’t entirely make sense…

    Old Tofu

    yes it does. it makes sense if that’s how you’ve gotten away with doing things up to this point.


    Kill the cop as an example to other cops.

    tiki god

    that’s a good way to end up on a list.


    The case was settled for $500,000.

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