Top 4 VR casino games

Technology is both powerful and wonderful at the same time! Over a decade ago, innovations in the high-speed broadband market as well as proliferation in the smart phone space meant that casino lovers could play their favourite games from within the comfort of their homes. Now that we are in 2017, virtual reality casino games are seeming like the future of this industry. What more, you’d soon be able to play such games at any reputed casino, using no deposit casino bonus, almost at zero cost!

Let’s take you through the top 4 VR casino games that are gaining huge popularity these days.

NetEnt’s Jack’s World

A reputed developer in the online gaming space, Net Entertainment is one of the few companies well known for their quick adaptation to emerging technologies. ‘Jack’s World’ is their first product in the VR gaming space, which uses ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, the classic slot game as its foundation. It was a mini release featuring amazing graphics as well as 3-D soundscapes, capable of delivering exhilarating experience to people who owned Google’s cardboard technology (a virtual reality platform that employs a smartphone-based head mount for translation of screen images into a VR environment).

NetEnt’s Starburst

One of the first few VR-based slot games to get noticed by experienced gamers, this one from NetEnt features an immersive soundtrack, unrivalled gameplay and outstanding graphics. Although the game only has 10 pay lines, its high-stakes have made it highly popular among the seasoned slots enthusiasts. The game has stood the test of time and continues to be one of the most sought-after high-quality virtual reality casino games in the online gaming space.

NextGen’s Miss Midas

NextGen was the first casino games’ developer to give the classic tale – King Midas a major revamp, with the release of its VR title – Miss Midas. As evident, the ageing King has been replaced by a ravishing Miss Midas! While the former-day hero was known for his generosity, and could turn anything into gold, Miss Midas, his female successor also seems equally generous in this innovative 25 pay line slot game.

What sets this VR title apart from the others is the NextGen’s trademark ‘Superbet’ technology through which an additional lucrative layer is added to the proceedings. It enables players to purchase extra symbols for creation of additional winning combinations. This particular feature has garnered plenty of attention in the past few years. After being given a VR uplift, Miss Midas slot game is all set to usher in a new generation of casino games!

Microgaming’s VR Roulette

There’s nothing that beats the thrill and excitement of waiting for a roulette wheel to come to a halt, especially if you’ve bet a large sum of money! Those last few seconds when the ball might just nudge over to the next number can be heart-stopping! While online roulette is full of excitement on its own, its VR version from Microgaming takes the thrill to an altogether new high! It’s one of the few conventional casino games that have been reproduced in a virtual environment.

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