Modern Arcade with Old Machines


I’ve never really enjoyed stand up arcade machines, the games are usually not to my interest.  Do you have one that you have fond memories of?

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    tiki god

    fake news




    I quite enjoyed the X-Men game and the Ninja Turtles game (both of which were 4P simultaneous co-op coin-eaters. Many years later I went back with $20 and beat the pants off of both, but back then I thought if we were just skilled enough we could do it on a dollar apiece.


    Lots of love for those multiplayer games. We had an arcade in the mall called Yesterdays and my friends and I did the same thing, pumped quarters into Battletoads until it was beaten. Others I liked were the simulation games like Race Driving and the helicopter one, Steel Talons, I think.

    tiki god

    I remember playing both of those, along with The Simpsons at the (sorta) local Chucky Cheese, they took so many tokens from me.


    Space Invaders and Silver Ball Mania Pinball Machines.

    tiki god

    we have a pinball place here in TLH that charges like $5 an hour me and the wife stopped by there to see what the rukus was all about and then realized that we didn’t care at all about pinball.

    what makes the Silver Ball Mania machines so much better than others?


    The Space Invaders pinball machine had nothing to do with the digital Space Invaders game; this had ALIEN graphics and a wider play field/machine body.

    Both the Space Invaders and Silver Ball Mania Pinball Machines had great graphics, good layouts, multiple flippers, and a score modifier loop that, when the shot was perfected, was fun of a most excellent kind.


    Am old. Played the h#ll out of Space Invaders. Frogger. Later favorites were Galaga, Centipede, Qbert, SpyHunter, but I pretty much played everything. If I had put all those quarters in the bank I’d probably be driving a Ferrari now, but the games were fun and the arcades were great, skanky, nefarious places. I played a lot of Donkey Kong but for some reason never really caught the Mario bug, go figure. Likewise I never went for a home system, because as much time as I spent in arcades I figured if I had one in my living room my… Read more »


    Double Dragon
    Karate Champ
    Kung Fu Master
    Spy Hunter
    Missile Command


    I had completely forgotten about Missle Command, that was a great game!


    There was a vector tank game called Battlezone….spent a few Canadian quaters on that one….