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    I have a more cynical take on the whole thing. Conservatives believe that those less fortunate will be taken care of by church and community and that we don’t need government programmes for these matters. Liberals know we’re all greedy shitheads and that if we don’t mandate help for those who need it, they’re fucked.


    If you believe either of these statements you’re under thirty or have drunken the Kool-aiid.


    Actually, referring to conservatives as church goin, gawd fearin, charity giving plain “folk” bespeaks someone around retirement age. It’s precisely the under 30 crowd that is working overtime to change the term to refer to libertarian and/or racist cunts.

    But pray tell, son. What kool aid have I been drinking precisely?


    Conservatives are awful and liberals are terrible. Both seek to control people just in slightly different ways. The conservatives pretend to respect the Constitution and the liberals pretend to respect people. Anyone who things the politician and government are a solution to anything are fools.


    I agree, let God solve everything