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    Bah, this is why conservatives are seen as idiots. They equate the removal of monuments to the treasonous combatants to the erasure of history. If this were true no one would remember the revolutionary war after the monuments to king george were taken down.

    Old Tofu

    are you referring to the time of colonial aggression?


    Let me thrill conservatives with this crazy invention: a MUSEUM. It’s where Germany put all the Hitler statues. Because they had the decency to be ashamed of the time when they were colossal assholes.


    Myoo-zee-um? That sounds like a place of learning. No learning allowed! I choose knee-jerk reactions and outrage.

    Mark Antony

    Those monuments have nothing to do with remembering history. A good number of the statues went up in the 20’s and 30’s when black soldiers came back from WWI asking for their due as veterans and waves of immigrants came through Ellis island sparked fear and hatred. More statues went up during the civil rights movement of the 1950’s. Their purpose was simple: intimidate the black population by reminding them that the white power structure still pined for the “good old days”, and just might resort to extreme means (KKK or otherwise) to deal with black folks asking for their… Read more »

    Old Tofu

    because those soldiers were treated sooo much better in the north . . . o wait, they weren’t


    Uh….yes, in northern states black soldiers, and blacks in general were, and to some extent still are, treated better.
    Not great….but much better than in the south.

    Do you know much about American history Dirk…?

    Old Tofu

    philadelphia,chicago,new york, detroit,boston, no racism in these cities , right? hear about Louise Day Hicks? she opposed school integration in boston, in 1974!!! not the 50’s or 60’s fucking 74. the amount of crap the north pulled on black people that tried to move up north into white neighborhoods was just as bad as anything happening in the south did. ever hear of a race riot? how about in Chicago 1919,Springfield, Ill. 1908, East St. Louis, Ill. 1917, Chicago, Ill. 1919, Tulsa, Okla. 1921 and Detroit, Mich. 1943. looks like YOU are the one not learning history 🙂