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a1631552849 5 Level 78: Darren Korb (Pyre, Supergiant Games)Composer Darren Korb is the in-house composer and sound designer for Supergiant games. Supergiant pretty much exploded onto the indie scene with Bastion in 2011, followed it up with Transistor in 2014, and now has just released their 3rd game called Pyre.

Darren will Pyre at the beginning of our chat, but one of the cool things about it that we don’t talk about until the very end is how it has local multiplayer, or couch co-op. And that’s optional, you can play single player throughout, but the fact that they did a couch co op RPG is great.

The game itself is gorgeous, in keeping with Supergiant’s other offerings, there’s a ton of music, and it was wonderful to speak with Darren about it.

You can pick up the soundtrack to Pyre on Bandcamp.

PLAYLIST, from Pyre by Darren Korb unless noted:
Night Howlers
Glorious Tradition
In the Flame
Thrash Pack
Thrash Pack
The Eight Scribes
New Union
Life Sentence
[The Old Ways] Life Sentence
Will of the Scribes
Will of the Scribes
The Blackwagon
In the Flame
Path to Glory
Sky Dance
Surviving Exile
Strange Voyage
Strange Voyage
Dread Design
Dread Design
Mourning Song
We All Become (from Transistor)
In the Flame
Knights of the Sea
Knights of the Sea
Never to Return
Bound Together
Grand Ceremony

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