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    Unemployment down, GDP up, stock market up, US military dropping fewer bombs than at just about any time over the last 8 plus years. Yep, the world is burning. Or are the ruins symbolic of the Democratic party which has lost around 1000 legislator seats over the last year, lost 30 of 50 states, and 85% of counties in the last Presidential election and are barely more than a regional party controlling the West Coast the North East and the worse urban areas of the country?


    All those first things are just following their trends of the last eight years.

    And thanks to the repulsive Mr. Drumpf, the Dems should be making some serious inroads to recovery very soon.

    But whatever you say, comrade.


    Please don’t feed the trolls. We know, we know, but just don’t.

    tiki god

    I prefer they stay well fed

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