Some People Don’t know why

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    Because approaching that intersection while on a decline probably wouldn’t be too safe.

    Old Tofu

    you mean the way every interstate exit ever has worked?


    The corners force people to slow down *before* they get to the intersection. The alternative – I could see someone *attempting* to go from 70 mph (our local highway speeds) to 0 mph on a downhill exit ramp… in the rain… at night… probably in a rusted out car with brakes that don’t work… People are stupid, sometimes they need a little help.

    tiki god

    I think you guys are all missing the train tracks that the bridge is going over.


    You have to get the elevation over the tracks. A straight up and down makes the hill too steep coming down to the intersection.

    tiki god

    but why not having them doing 50mph into a stop sign? it would be entertaining at least!


    Not unlike extreme skateboarding….