The World Is Not Enough review

91EL6Xi6fKL. SL1500 1 768x1024 The World Is Not Enough

Bond takes position as bodyguard of British oil tycoon’s daughter after a deadly mishap at MI6.

From my memory, this is the first bond film to have no real nudity in title sequence. Shocking, yet not unexpected, the 90’s were awash with nudity hysteria, apparently a single nipple was to blame for many violent attacks on our homeland!.

Desmond shows up in this film too, must have been filmed before his death after the last film. I remember knowing this in the past, but only remembered it after viewing the movie.

Hilariosly, the main female character asked if Bond had any skiing experience. As a Bond movie expert, I can say, he has at least four movies worth of skiing experience!

This was a fun film with a plot that made little to no sense, but had plenty of enjoyable action.

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