Rasberry Pi Lives

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    I got in the mood for old classics last night so I just re-watched this gem.
    Roddy wants his buddy to try on the glasses. Instead of asking nicely, they proceed to beat the shit out of each other for a full 6 minutes including with a tire iron and two-by-four (nyuk nyuk Piper!) and smashing skulls into the pavement and are half near to death at the end.

    It pays to ask nicely.


    That is the only thing I remember from this movie. It is also one of my favorite scenes in a film ever!


    6 minutes of a 97 minute film… the fight scene was longer than the credits AND he wasn’t even fighting the bad guys.
    Makes me wonder if the short story had like an entire chapter dedicated to face punching… hmm…

    Actually Frank didn’t exist in the short story: