Space in Metric system vs Space in Imperial system

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    Well, the first is real and useful, the second is bollocks


    Bullocks? You are British and you’re supporting an arbitrary French System? Instead of a system invented & proven through hundreds, nay, thousands of years of actual effective use?


    I always get into these international conversations between people from Canada and Europe saying how backwards Americans are for using the imperial system, and nothing boils my blood up more than not only unearned but also completely wrong intellectual superiority. But everything is base 10 it makes it all easier to convert! This the most cited reason for using the metric system is using the base 10 formula. Kilometer is 1000 meters, a kilogram is 1000 grams ect. But everyone seems to fail to realize that you can do the same thing with the imperial system. Take the kilopound, it’s… Read more »


    “I think units should work for us, not the other way around,” he told me. “The fact that ‘the rest of the world does it’ is a fairly weak argument to me. There are LOTS of things that are prevalent in the rest of the world that I would not want the U.S. to do.” So, without further ado, here is Jim’s Top 10 list (or a ‘Jim rant,’ as he describes it) of reasons to hate SI units: 1. I don’t like being told by the government what to do, especially in an area where the free market can… Read more »



    Someone needs a tonne of Xanax…