GRiD Compass Computer

Computer phone? wtf.

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    I worked for GRiD. This was after Radio Shack/Tandy bought them, and I was a transfer from training and support since RS/T was pushing GRiD for the business sales. I still have my GRiD laptop, complete with magnesium alloy case. It was the green monochrome LCD one, no modem, like the one shown, none of the other display stuff above the keyboard, and the screen certainly is bigger. Even my plastic cased GRiD laptop (which was black and white LCD) still works. They only run DOS (what can you do with 640KB of RAM today?). The phone was for the… Read more »

    tiki god

    if the phone was just for internetting, why have the hand unit? why not just plug it directly into a phone?

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