The Man With the Golden Gun review

91tLYIfGyL. SL1500 768x1024 The Man With the Golden Gun

Bond is assigned to retrieve a top secret solar power converter, but finds himself the target of the world’s greatest professional assassin.

A man trained from birth to shoot goes up against Bond. There’s several clever moments in this film that I really appreciated, even though it was weird to watch Bond incidentally remove his shirt so he could show one of his targets the fake third nipple he had installed, I still count that towards the clever count. There’s also some really bad science here, with the primary McGuffin being completely nonsensical and repeated references to keeping the open lid containers of helium at ‘absolute zero’, which any person of science could tell you is not something that’s possible in our current universe. It’ll happen sooner or later, but that’s during the heat death of the universe.

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    If the bad science you refer to is the corkscrew car jump, that was real, and done in one take.