Diamonds Are Forever review

91DMUo6Mj1L. SL1500 768x1024 Diamonds Are Forever

Sean Connery returns as 007 to follow a diamond smuggling ring.

Other than the gratuitous amounts of sex, it’s difficult to recognize this as a Bond film, it’s more akin to Bullit or The Gauntlet than any previous 007 movie. It has over the top Vegas stereo types, midwestern oil barrons and a completely unsatisfactory wrap up to the revenge plot started in the final minutes of the previous film. I’ll give this one a hard pass in any future Bond rewatches.

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    Yeah, not one of my favorites either. As a kid I liked Live and Let Die, but I would have to say Dr. No and Thunderball are some of the better ones. Are you watching them in order of production? It seems as it goes on he becomes more of a comic book character than a “secret agent.”


    Just wait until you get to “Never Say Never Again.” Like deja vu.


    You do know, that that one is “heretical” ?


    Yes but like St. Anger, one must experience it all, no matter how cringe-worthy.