Omega Sub: 4 Blood Tide review

51QEGYECZnL Omega Sub: 4 Blood Tide

The ambition and folly that destroyed three-quarters of humanity lives on in the radioactive rubble of nuclear holocaust. In the South Pacific, an insane fanatic and his army of bloodthirsty killers have begun obliterating the last scattered outposts of civilization. The madman’s goal: to rule what remains of the shattered Earth. For that, he needs the awesome power of the U.S.S. Liberator…and he holds captive the one man who can make his demented dream a reality. For unless the crew surrenders the mighty submarine intact…Captain Tom Donovan will die!

Amazon says I bought this August 4, 2013, so it’s only taken me about 4 years to actually get around to reading this, most likely because after each of these books I need a palate cleanser of about 10 other books. Honestly, I don’t even know why I’m doing this to myself, they’re not the greatest books and they have some seriously fucked up morality lessons in them. This is a 30 year old pulp fiction book that you’ll likely never read (and good riddence) so here’s some spoilers: The manliest man known to man (aka “The Captain”) has been captured by a clearly evil pirate king who’s been raping and killing his way across the south pacific. The evil pirate king then starts a journey back to their home island, why is not explained, but during this expositiony journey we discover that the island is where the evil pirate king has imprisoned hundreds of women and children they’ve captures to turn into sex slaves. The Captain manages to escape when his sycophantic crew on his state of the art laser submarine surface immediately under the boat he’s being held captive on, where upon he retakes his rightful place in the captain’s seat. He then proceeds to launch nuclear missiles on the island as they make their escape, killing all the pirates along with this prisoners too.

But don’t worry, there’s not just one section explaining how this was the right thing to do, but TWO.

Don’t read this series, it’s horrible.

I have two more of these to get through unfortunately though.

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    You might want to try books by Kilgore Trout.