Communism is better


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    The “Russian genocide” you talking about? The Bolsheviks were not Russians, they were Jews who had decided to get rid of some christians… the same way the jews are holding the USA in their grip… But hey, you can’t criticise the pore jews who have fabricated their perfect excuse to wage war, grab land without anyone daring to criticise. They have proven to be the ultimate destabilizers of nations and people and get away with it.

    …dont think he’s a jew
    give me some what your smoking i could really use it


    I wanna know what he’s smoking so I can AVOID it.


    USSR “Communism” was never really communism. It was totalitarianism wearing the mask of communism. See, communism fails for the same reason libertarianism fails: blindly trusting that everyone will act in a utopian manner. Basically, there’s nothing in place to keep the ratfinks from seizing power. And all it takes is a small group of ratfinks.

    At least in America, it took a LARGE group of ratfinks to seize power, and we have the means to remove them without violence (we just need to open some eyes).