White Hate

I find this humorous because I’m also rocking the Molan Labe decal on my car, but it’s more in unity with fellow 300 fans and people that like guns and don’t want them taken away.

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    Old Tofu

    100% guarantee this person calls themselves a christian

    its not hate its power


    Is it sad that the only thing that bothers me about this collection of bumper stickers is that it goes out of its way to try and give Calvin a bad name by mixing him in with all those other pointless comments nobody has time to read except in horribly slow traffic?


    Plus it is a definite infringement on intellectual property…Waterson never licensed any merchandise, let alone Calvin pissing decals.

    And we all know how much Conservatives believe in intellectual property rights.


    How do you know the owner is white? There was no racial/skin-color connotation to it until you saw one. Why?

    Old Tofu

    because we live in the world and go outside from time to time

    tiki god

    because nearly every single one of those decals is something that’s been said or referred to in america’s white power fringe, particularly the Spartan quote of “molan labe” which means essentially “come and take them” referring to their guns.


    I’m not saying I condone keying this vehicle, but I’d go out of my way to not see it happening.

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