Donald Trump attempting to push a US Marine while is wife smirks


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    So in addition to being a draft dodger, a con man, a liar, and racist he’s also a jerk to marines…


    That is not what is happening, but keep the bull shit coming. The only one looking like a fool here are the people making up these absurd claims.

    tiki god

    what’s the story behind the alleged assault?


    You can go over to CNN and photo 23 is that photo. He is patting the Marine on the back.

    tiki god

    so it’s true, he did assault him


    If this is what the site is turning into then I have no desire to keep returning. I guess 11 years was a good amount of time, but I don’t have time in my life for bullshit posts.

    tiki god

    it’s not like this is an abrupt turn away from the glorious standards of MCS. Used to be all about ponys. Before that it was something else, and after this it’ll be something just as ridiculous.

    Why did he give him a two handed pat on the back though?


    If only MCS had the integrity of Fox News and finally admit that Obama is a Muslim….


    obama isn’t a muslim
    he’s a secret gay mexican muslim
    get your shit together


    Someone points out something they think is inappropriate and you cry? Really what is wrong? I think people need to grow up.


    ” but I don’t have time in my life for bullshit posts.”

    …and yet I count three you’ve made in this thread alone.

    (sorry, should I have put a special Trumpkin snowflake(TM)trigger warning at the top of my reply?)


    who pat someone on the back like that? i mean like ever?


    I know, right? This just looks like either a shove or a pretend-shove to mock a Marine.


    Ok, so he didn’t push a Marine:
    1) So instead he just got a 1-Y medical deferment for bone spurs in his feet.
    2) He is a con man.

    3) He doesn’t pay his contractors.
    Aside from what’s printed in the media, my uncle’s (whom is a well respected lawyer) neighbor was personally stiffed by Trump. I don’t the exact number off hand, however I do know it is north of $75k.


    Can we all take a moment to comment on Melania’s military-themed clothing? Perhaps she can design new uniforms for the military.

    The mandatory sales goes to the presidents profiteering margin while, um, “empowering women” or some such.

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