Trump’s 100 Day Plan

GOLF! woooo!


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    no, tiki, its the dems they’re using their less than 50% control of congress to hold up things. could you imagine if they tried this shit with obama? everyone would lose it


    Decreasingly ambitious promises are followed by instantaneous withdrawal at the first sign of opposition, then by petulant lashing out at Democrats or conservatives or CNN or the New York Times, then by a mewling, self-pitying interview with an organ of the very media he pretends to despise, then by a shuffling of the craven frauds and stooges with whom he surrounds himself, then by a round of deeply embarrassing senile-old-granddad boasting about the scope of his electoral college victory to fluff himself up for the next iteration. And again. Murder She Wrote was less formulaic than this.


    Don’t forget he had a great plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days.


    nono, he made a plan to plan for a plane that would plan for a plan that would plan a plan in 30 days

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