Getting a Job

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    Brevity Truta

    Sure, there’s a truth in the cartoon that jobs are harder to get these days. Sucks. However, have been on a panel where we are reading resumes and we rejected out of hand the applicant with several (irrelevant to the client base) languages and a Masters for an entry-level position in an extremely hands-on field. Plus a couple who relied overly on sharing their insights about the theoretical aspects of the field and their contributions to research in it. Compared to people with practical skills, humility, and enthusiasm (plus the qualification level needed), the highly educated people didn’t impress at… Read more »


    What is this place? The twilight zone?


    Submitted for your approval; dee dee dee dee, dee dee dee dee

    Brevity Truta

    Don’t sit down! And don’t con me, Williams. It was your pet project. Your pet project! Then it was your idea to give it to that little college greenie. Now, get with it, Williams! Get with it, boy! So what’s left, Williams? Not only has your pet project backfired, but it’s sprouted wings and left the premises. I’ll tell you what’s left to us in my view. A deep and abiding concern about your judgment in men. This is a push business, Williams. A push push push business. Push and drive! But personally, you don’t delegate responsibilities to little boys.… Read more »