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tiki god

I read about it, brushed it off as Vox being Vox, and completely forgot about it. then I did a search later that day for the book and the second result was his trashy knock off.

I wonder how bad it is?


Scalzi is a great writer and so far C.E. is a great read.

tiki god

I had completely forgotten about my preorder of the book and I’m like 5 chapters in on “the player of games” en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Player_of_Games and I hate reading two books at once or stopping one and reading another, gets me in the wrong headspace.

so for now the book will sit on my nightstand, mocking me.


Iain Banks is worth it. Scalzi can wait, he won’t be offended. (come to think of it, neither will Banks, what with being dead and all)