you do not deserve a living wage

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    finally, we’re putting corporations before welfare queens


    Corporations ARE the welfare queens.


    stop spewing more fake news

    tiki god

    YOU’RE fake news!


    Hey, what if the wealth I create for the company is higher than a “living wage?” Will you still advocate for me getting a wage consistent with how much I give?

    I’ll answer for you: no, you won’t. You’re perfectly happy with me being underpaid. That’s your real position. Stop pretending otherwise.


    You DO deserve a living wage.
    You DO deserve shelter and food.
    You DO deserve medical care.

    Regardless of what the sociopathic nihilists and their empathy-free bullshit would tell you, you DO deserve these things for merely drawing breath in this year of our lord two thousand and seventeen.


    Since when has a living wage had anything to do with shelter, food, and or medical care? I spent 10 years living quite comfortably off an average of $600 USD per month, you find me anyone who argues for their ‘living wage’ to be raised up to that level and I will find you someone being under paid. The Living Wage argument is about amenities, a modern cell phone, a car, 10 pairs of shoes, and more likely than not spending money on fast food. That has nothing to do with need, it is all about want. Do not get… Read more »


    $600 a month, hendell – what state were you in? I’m from SC but $600/mo is not a great wage for anyone here.


    its $600 in trump dollars, they’re made of pure gold


    By that logic, we should all have an equal say in business decisions that the company makes. Since 100% of the pay would depend on company profits rather than personal performance, employees would be part owners.

    tiki god

    isn’t that how co-ops work?


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