behavioral referral form for normal human behavior

zero tolerance gone mad!

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    Giving food to another student can be dangerous. What if that student is allergic to that food? Since the school is in loco parentis, they are considered responsible for making sure the allergic kid DOESN’T die. Some well-meaning kid on the sly could cause the school to suddenly have a death via negligence lawsuit (it has an official name that escapes me) to deal with. Trust me, I’ve seen zero tolerance applied to far dumber situations than this. I’ve seen zero tolerance used as an excuse to not have to judge a case on individual merits, because the staff involved… Read more »

    tiki god

    I agree about the food allergy issues, but that’s not what I was referring to when I reference zero tolerance. What was the intent of the kid that brought in the food? was it to help someone out and make someone’s life better? Or was it malicious with the intent to harm someone? IMHO, he was intending to help out a buddy with a critical food situation, not to harm anyone. That’s were the zero tolerance bullshit comes into play, the teacher should have recognized the the situation and resolved it in a way that both kids are eating food… Read more »

    obamacare has gone to far, kids need to get a job and feed himself


    I would do the same thing. Schools are getting out of hand these days. I grew up and so did millions of Americans without these authoritarian control schemes in place.


    Parent’s (?) “engrish” is disconcerting…


    So yes, the food allergy thing is a real concern. But the teacher could perhaps explain why instead of handing out detention. You know, teach.