Trolls review

91RWd3HZ3SL. SL1500 884x1024 Trolls

Join Poppy and Branch in a music-filled original adventure to save their pals from the giant Bergens. With original songs by Justin Timberlake.

For a kids movie, there sure was a lot of butts and NC-17 humor that just barely would go over a kid’s head. Great visuals, I’m happy to see that Dreamworks animation is finally firing on all cylinders. The story was familiar and the music was nearly all covers of popular songs that were done better elsewhere, but it was fun enough to be able to recommend it to anyone stuck on an airplane or train for a few hours, you’ll lose minimal brain cells.

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    For anyone who is a parent, this film is one of the better ones to put on 30 times. Considering how little they had to work with I think the movie turned out very well.

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