The LEGO Batman Movie review

91Im1eEXXnL. SL1500 811x1024 The LEGO Batman Movie

Bruce Wayne must not only deal with the criminals of Gotham City, but also the responsibility of raising a boy he adopted.

Did you enjoy The LEGO Movie? If so, this movie’s for you! If not, it’s just more of the same! Lots of great nods to other great movies and LEGO sets, it’s interesting to see the couple that were in the movie but are not in LEGO Dimensions, like The Matrix or King Kong.

I did like the movie, and I think it’s a great additional the pantheon of LEGO movies.

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    It is a good addition to the lego franchise. It was enjoyable and funny and I would say it is up there with Trolls and Moana.


    I have two children. A 6 year old and 1 and half year old. So I watch a lot of children shows and movies. Trolls was very surprising. It has a lot of good music that works for the scenes they are in. They aren’t just back ground music but part of what is happening. The Black Nerd said it best about this movie. It is the film that the Smurfs should have been.